Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Lone Space Ranger

The Lone Space Ranger is the self appointed protector of Mesa Venus, a desolate planet located on the frontier of known space.

Aiding him is his vigilante crusade are his loyal friends, Silver Centauri and Tonto Titanium. Silver pilots the team's rocket ship, patrolling the vast skies, while Tonto helps scout on land, leading the Ranger through the honeycomb of hills and canyons that make up this unforgiving planet.

The Lone Space Ranger protects the inhabitants of Mesa Venus from the dangers of the planet's harsh environment, as well as from those evil-doers who wish to prey upon the isolated settlers.

One such settler, Miss Sally, often finds herself the target of Space Banditos and other interlopers who wish to take away her lucrative worm ranch.

But such will never happen with the Lone Space Ranger on the job!